Attention to detail is important when it comes to property photos. The job of the property photos is obviously to record the property but more than that they are there to promote the property to the ‘right’ buyer.

The best agents want to get the best resuts for their clients and agonise over which photos are best. These agents not only care about doing the best for their client but they know the importance of the photography in creating the right impression and attracting the right buyer.

So her here my Top 3 tips and a bonus one too.

1. If possible use aerial photography – this will communicate and sell the location/position of the property and everyone knows the most important thing is location, location, location!

2. Be selective and critical – ONLY use the best property photos and those are the ones that best display the key features AND lifestyle benefits of the property for the RIGHT buyer.

3. Refresh and rotate the property photos online – maximise their ability to attract the right buyers – buyers are currently seeking outdoor space as a priority, so agent’s should amend their lisitings to reflect this, if appropriate.

Bonus Tip – VIDEO is now a ‘must have’ for any property!

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