January is the best time to sell your North Devon property for a quick sale according to Homeowners Alliance >>>

Ready to put your plans for a house move into action? Then here’s a good reason to start marketing this month…

Analysis of data over the last 5 years shows January is the best time to sell your house for a speedy sale.

Recent data offers insight into the time it takes to sell a house in the UK, showing properties on the market in January are easiest to shift. Over the past five years, homes listed in January have taken an average of 58 days to sell.

Since 2015, properties in the UK have stayed on the market in January on average for 51 to 62 days. The speed of sale was slower in 2019, but January was by far the best time to sell a house even in a slower market. The overall speed of sale in 2019 was 69 days, compared with an average of 61 days in the previous four years.

Best time to sell a house? Now!

Commenting on the data, Paula Higgins, Chief Executive of HomeOwners Alliance, said:
“With the General Election and Christmas now behind us and children back at school, people are starting to put into action their plans for the year. Traditionally people wait for Spring to sell their homes, but our data shows if you’re looking to get moving, then there’s no better time to put your house on the market than this month.”

3 tips for achieving a speedy sale

1. Boost your home’s kerb appeal. Our recent survey found that 68% of buyers found kerb appeal to be important when they bought their home. The features that matter most to home buyers are windows being in good condition and a roof that doesn’t need repair.

2. Make sure the price is right. Too high and you won’t get any viewings. Speak to your estate agent about your pricing strategy.

3. Find your conveyancing solicitor ASAP. As soon as you have put your house on the market, instruct your preferred firm and ask them to start pulling together a draft contract and start any basic work, such as the title enquiry.