Presentation is SO important these days with digital marketing and social media being at the forefront. Buyers are tempted with their eyes before anything else – so ATTRACTION TACTICS are vital! From photos to viewings, get this right and it could add £1000’s to your sale price!

1.Cushions – a really easy way to instantly update that fading sofa and add colour, texture and interest at the same time. Try an accent colour that complements the decoration in the room; perhaps take inspiration from a piece of art, or a favourite ornament. And choose cushions in plain but textured fabric, so they don’t easily date.

2.Rugs– a large, deep rug can transform a room, adding warmth and style. You don’t have to spend a fortune on them; decide on a budget and stick to it. You should be able to get a large rug, say 8’ x 4’, or even 12’ x 10’, for under £150 if you shop around. Plain are better than patterned, and long tufts better than a flat pile. Rugs are also a great way to disguise a dated carpet, or one past its best. Place under a coffee table to add a touch of cosiness.

3. Fruit – fill a big glass vase full of fruit of just one type. For example, oranges, or shiny green apples look fantastic when piled into a tall vase. Not only does this add instant colour to your kitchen, it also looks stylish and different and will impress your buyers.

4. Flowers– the trick with flower arrangements is to make sure that they match not only the style of your home and the room itself. For example, long elegant Cala lilies are great on a large dining table, and little hand-tied posies are just right for a rustic kitchen.

5. Beautiful bed linen– especially for the master bedroom, where it matters most to your buyers. Choose a subtle style that isn’t too garish or flowery, and add some cushions and a good quality throw. For the other bedrooms, adding new plain bedding with some tasteful cushions and throws can update them inexpensively. (Source: AshdownJones)

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